Thursday, October 1, 2009

tHe dAy oF bLuNdErS...

i don remember the exact date but i do remember that it was during my chemistry lab final exam when i was doin my +2. The foolishly-funniest day in my life! khe khe khe...i still remember the series of blunders i did and the chaos happened after that :| i was nervous (as usual) on the day of exam. i got into the lab and took all the beakers n all those vessels we need to do the experiment. i took some solution of Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) in two beakers n pipette, burette n al those and started the experiment.

We were supposed to take 20ml of NaOH (if i remember right :D) by suckin (literally) the pipette n then pour it into the beaker. But, when i did tat, i tasted a mouthful of NaOH. it took sometime to clean it. i dint know i was a big time sucker then :|

Blunder 2:
'Anoop KR? Who is Anoop?' The external-examiner asked. i raised my hand n the teacher asked me to go over there. She asked wat my registration number was? '620213' i said.
'Then why have u written 682301 in ur lab record book? Whats this 682301?' She asked me angrily.
i was like 'WHAT?!' tats surely not my roll number but it seems so familiar. OMG! teacher, that's my address PIN code'
'WHAT?' teacher shouted and laughed out loud. Every1 started laughin n i felt so embarrassed :| i must b the first guy on the planet to write PIN code instead f roll number. But see, they were similar :|

Blunder 3:
Everyone was laughin at me for what happened regardin the roll number thingy. but i was happy that i got all the experiments right. After the experiments we r supposed to return back the solutions which we took n they had kept two BIG buckets, one for NaOH and other for KMnO4. i must hav gone outa my mind then. i poured NaOH into KMnO4 bucket and KMnO4 into NaOH bucket! Oops... two buckets were purple in color. khe khe khe... n cuz f that all the chemistry lab exams which were supposed to happen after ours got delayed for almost 4 hours. As a punishment, my teacher had me waiting till all batches completed their exams :D

PS: Very sorry for the lengthy post. i couldn't make it smaller :D


Mural! said...

NOw that's a pretty coincidence with the pin and roll numbers :D

AnSh said...

u know what,
when i had to take NaOH in pippet,
i puked it on my gf's hand ;D

see even bigger blunders exist :D


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