Sunday, October 4, 2009

i tAkE rEvEnGe...bUt LaTeR... >:-(

There are two main characters in this (true) story! Onez me n lets call the other 'L'. Okay? :D

Early 2006
It was durin our final year, last semester. Some of my frnds (including L),but not me, were stayin in a rented house. L had a PC in the room n he was a very-selfish guy. He allowed nobody to use his PC n always protected with BIOS password n all sorta weird stuffs. he also had a telephone connection (and internet) so that he can talk with his bitchy-girlfriend. Okay, lets call her GF. Me n my friends made a master plan to hack his computer n make it useless. firstly, we cracked the BIOS password (every1 must b knowing it :D) n then once we logged in, we installed the 'Lock Folder XP' software and we locked the drive (C: drive) where we installed it. n yea, we dint forget to scratch the telephone n internet cables with a razor blade. You know what? He (or his DAD) cant find what the hell happened to it (phone n internet) then.
this is jus one incident. i neva missed a chance to pull his legs. i did insult him to the core wheneva i got a chance.

Some time in 2003
GF was my classmate. i kinda-hated her at times. There were no specific reasons behind it though. She was behind me al the time. She used to call me everyday n talk for sometime. i must say that she has helped me a lot but sometimes even 'helpin' can b disturbin. she was appealing n way too flirty, to be frank. L used to tease me with GF almost al the time, even when GF was near me. i get so irritated but it was not the case for GF. She kinda enjoyed it. Once L insulted me (sayin me n GF r together) in front f everyone when we were goin for an industrial-tour. i felt so embarrassed. i wanted to kill tat sonnovabitch! i made a note in my mind! i waited for the right time.

Oct 04, 2009
GF is behind some other guy now n he is a big-time flirt too.. :P
L got married.
I'm writing this blog :D


Americanising Desi said...

a big uffffffff escaped my lips when i read this :P

Anoop said...

@americanising desi
:O :O

Destiny's child... said...


rohini said...

haahha....nice....and yes thnx for following my blog

Sh@s said...

Watta revenge......

sagar V said...

photograph is horrific..and i expected the story to be the same.. a thrill ..


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