Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a dRaGoN oN mY dEsK... :O

this time its a dragon! ;) Would you believe if i say i made these dragons? :D They were looking so cute! it took some time for me to learn it but every time i made it, i learned something new.. i kinda love Origami!

See its tail! :P


This one was better than the others, not photo-genic though :( Picz not clear :(


An Ordinary Gal said...

good time pass :D
btw bach ke rehna dragon se kahin attack na kar de lol :D

Anoop said...

yea...really good time pass

angel from heaven said...

Wow wonder art.Do check out u tube they have awesome origami art demos on there.

Anoop said...

Hmm... tats rite angel..
they hav video tutorials.. but its way too complicated... ;)
m not a hard-workin guy.. :D


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