Friday, October 2, 2009

aRe aLL giRLs LiKe tHiS..? pArT 4 :-/

Pre-Script: Please do NOT continue reading if you are already offended!

boy: seems u r in good mood 2day... :D
girl: i m always in good mood.
boy: wat u do durin ur leisure time?
girl: i don hav free time. m busy al the time. :|
boy: wat happened to ur blog? y not updating it? runnin outa topics? :P
girl: i never run outa topics :|
boy: okay. wats the name of the character in the pic?
girl: Calvin. u dono?
boy: No...i m hearing tat for the first time.
girl: u havent heard? u dono Mills n boon, u dono Calvin n hobbes! Oh Gosh!
boy: Hmm... are u kinda-show-off girl?
girl: show-off? wats that?
boy: gosh! u know Mills n boon, calvin n hobbes but u dono the meanin of show-off?
girl: there is no point in talkin to u. i'm gonna block u in orkut n gtalk. go n learn manners first.
boy: don feel offended.
girl: you r such an insane. don talk to me anymore. u r a bastard with bad mouth. u r askin me not to feel offended. u can ask me if i m a show-off girl n u dint feel it offended? u r very old but immature. arent you? learn to be polite n then talk to me.
boy: *thinks* i shudnt have don this mistake talkin to her. OMG!
boy: please don use foul language...when i don react when u used tat word, it doesnt mean that i dono any words to use against :|
girl: i was normal when talkin 2u. go learn some manners. no wonder why your friend don call u.
boy: *thinks* which friend? :O
girl: hypocrite! you say to someone you aren't normal and then say don't get offended what an heroic deed! u ask me if i m showin off n u ask me not to use foul language?
girl: bye
boy: thanks! bye...

*hours later*
boy: *still tryin to figure out what really happened...*
Boy: *thinks* is askin if she s kinda-show-off girl creates this problem? she already said she was in good mood n this is the way she is replyin. then what wud be the case if she were in a bad mood? OMG! lucky me! Are all girls like this? :P fight for no reason outa no-where? Betta not to hav such a stupid friend like this! :P

PS: it wud hav been a really BIG post if i wrote the whole conversation here. So jus imagine some blah blahs in between - useless n senseless at the same time :P BTW, i'm happy to write the 4th part of 'Are All Girls Like This?' series!


Prasenjit Nath said...

wow !!!! so you know something about womens...really interesting !!

Mural! said...

hehe, i did have a li'l bit similar conversation with a girl, made me stay off from them for a few months! :D
they are crazy!

nice post

Anoop said...

thanks murali...

Anoop said...

haha,,,presanjith.. tats rite...

angel from heaven said...

In any relationship one must never cross the "respect" barrier, ie use insults and bad language.

Anoop said...

Very true! angel

Urvashi said...

Hiee..I read all ur posts in this series..Dint agree with them all..but they r good......

V definitely come across some such gals..but then not all girls r like tht..!!!

I think after readin this I can start a series on "Are All Boys Like this??" if I have the copyright 4m u..!!!! Hehahaa :P

Jokes apart ur 3rd part ws the best...Gals many atimes complain n find faults wid others even if they themselves dont know that work.....!!

N ur 4th one.....hmm..seems like u came across some miss Blah blah.... who ws a bit arrogant n ended up leavin u thinkin k u made some big mistake calling her 'Show off kinda gal'......!!!Neva mind.....All gals r not like tht..!!! :P

nice work....Foloowing u on this blog too..It has got so amny Posts OMG...I dint know u wrote so much here too..!!! :)


Anoop said...

yea y dont u write abt y all boys r like this???? i don mind sharing the copyright if n only if u offer me some money... khe khe khe... wat say???

thanks for followin... n too liked the 3rd one the most.. :)


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