Wednesday, September 30, 2009

gUn oN mY dEsK... >:D

first, it was a 'boat on my desk' and now its a gun! :D I'm happy to write the 2nd part of 'a boat on my desk' and u can read it here.
i m so happy that i found a very effective way of spendin leisure time at offis. i'm into Origami nowadays n i find it really interesting. its challengin too. Everytime i get to know new crafts. My kids would be so lucky to get a father like me who can make many paper crafts. :D

So here are my craft works. :D
This is my Gun. So beware! :P

This s the cube which i learned to make newly ;)

from a different angle...


Nethra said...

Nice way to spend time!

Shilpa said...

Anoop, how did you make that cube? publish a new post showing how to make it,otherwise...i'll say please....

plz :(

Anoop said...

Oops...u wanna know how i made it?? OMG! :O
i gotta take lot f pics then to put it here.. its lil complicated at first but once u make it, its easy then...

jus try searchin in google 'Origami Cube'...i think u can find some links which explains tat.. :D
if u dint, let me know.. :D

Sorry shilpaa.. :)

thanks for droppin by.. :D

Shilpa said...

don't be sorry man, its fine. I'll try finding it in google.

DarK aNgEl said...

hmmmmmmmmm nice thing to do when have nothing to do ........... kekeke


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