Saturday, August 15, 2009

1 KiLoMeTeR sPrInt & tHaNkS...

My offis time gets over by 7o'clock. i usually got to play table tennis with my frnds after offis hours. we were so very involved in the game. it was around 10o'clock when we finished the game. i had a very bad time. i jus won 3 games outa 8 we played. i don play good TT nowadays... but it doesn mean tat m a gr8 player... :P

i finished the game, took my bag n started to my room. my room is approx. 1KM far from my offis. i usually walk. i always hav my earphones plugged into my ears...n i jus walk...
when i reached home i was left with little energy even to take bath...i wanted to hav food also.

it was way too late when i realised tat i forgot my mobile in the offis. i left it in the cafeteria. i dint take it after playin. tat was soooo careless of me. MY 17,000 bucks!!! i recently bought the mobile on my bday...few days back. My parents will kill me if i tell them i lost it... i dint waste my time thinkin. i knew there was no use. i started runnin...i dint care f anythin else on the planet. i wanted my mobile back. All bad things came to my mind then...One of my frnd lost her gold bracelet in the offis in the afternoon.

i dint hav enuf patience to catch an autorikshaw n bargain. i reached the offis in 5-10 mins...all i had to offer myself was a sprint. i ran 1 fuckin kilometer...n the moment i reached the offis buildin, security guards stopped me. they said strangers (not with an employee ID card) were allowed to go inside the offis premises. Oops...i was wearin a mickey-mouse-boxer-shorts n a T-shirt. WTF! m i insane?? i was chokin!

i called my other frnds to check if they left offis. Luckily one one my frnds was in shift n he was avaliable. i asked him to check the cafeteria. In 5 mins, he came out of the building to return my mobile. It was one f the security guard who kept the mobile. i really thank him for bein so kind n loyal. its really hard to find some1 like tat. i dono his name...but i m really thankful for wat he did to me.

Thank you guys... Thanks very much!


Omesh Pandita said...
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Urvashi said...

Good that u got ur cell bk @ the end of ur sprint ;)
Nice pic.... :)


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