Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tHe 2-sYnDrOmE...

i saw tears rollin down from my mom's eyes, when the officer in the school said there was no vacant seats in Computer Science Dept. My mom knew tat i was so interested in Computer n i desperately wanted to learn it. tat was my first chance.
but the officer was kind enough to console my mom sayin he would definitely would give the seat if ther was any cancellation n asked me to join for Commerce n i did too. Fortunately when the skool opened, after the very first Commerce class, i was asked to go to a Computer Science division. Hmm..So this was my second chance...n the number s '2' :D

The funny thing is, my roll number was '2' over the course of my education, startin from 6th Std (i guess) to Engineerin.

Yet again, when i attended campus interview for a job, after the technical interview, the interviewer told me to leave cuz i was not selected for the time being cuz i dint perform well (for i dint answer 70% of the quests he asked :P). Hmm..i gav him a shake-hand (i dint want to, actually) n left the room. i was waitin outside for my frnds to come back when i saw the same guy came n called me, asked me to wait for the HR interview. So, its again '2'... :D

last but the most important....
i happened to see one pretty gal for a function help at my home. i served her some food. we exchanged smiles, you know. talked for a while n she left when the function was over. to be frank, i really liked her cuz she was very pretty, one of the prettiest gal in my locality... :D
Wishin her to see her again the next day (she was my neighbor), i came outa my house. i saw her standin outside the gate n we saw each other. i smiled n waved my hands. WHAT? She dint even bother. i was embarrassed so very much. i looked around to see if anyone noticed :|
Luckily no one was around... :D
On the same day, i went to the nearby temple in the evenin...i jus saw my frnds n i was talkin to them. Only then i noticed the-girl-next-door was there at the temple. i dint smile at her this time. i don like takin chances. :D Surprisingly, i saw another gal, exactly the same as the other along with her. OMG...they were twins... identical mouth dropped open...for i dint know which gal i liked... khe khe khe.... ;) that was embarrassingly-confusin situation. They were '2' in number again... :D

Eventually i proposed the gal which i liked/loved n she dint accept at first, but secondly she did indicate her consent... its again '2'

n lucky number is 2.


Gautam said...

Guess u r well on road to be a father to twins urself!

Anoop said...

i dint think tat way... :D

Pooja Menon said...

Nice one guy! Actually.. I have really liked your blog.. Especially the post titles.. They are very catchy.. The way you write and the way you've designed your blog is very good too..

Anoop said...

thanks pooja... ;)


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