Friday, August 21, 2009

bE YoUrSeLf...

Think of your greatest talent. It may be singing, or dancing, or coding, or even speaking. Now imagine yourself in the center stage of a huge auditorium with 5000 people watching you. You are there to perform your talent. But the moment you start doing what you came to do, people start booing you. They talk very bad about your performance.

Now tell me, will you still perform the act of your choice or will you change your act for the applause from the crowd. The day you realize that you have the courage to stand by your choice of actions, you will be absolutely free!


varsha said...

absolutly true!
it ultimately boils down to having courage enough to follow and fulfill and to stand by one's dreams

Urvashi said...

Correct...such a perfect analogy..!!

Loved it :)

Anoop said...

thanks varsha n Urvashi,.. :D


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