Thursday, August 6, 2009

i fUcKeD, i gOt fUcKeD...

i ve done a lot many mistakes in my life...but not one like this :| my very first post tells abt one f my mistake i was abt to commit. Gosh! Somethin stopped me from doin it...

2007 12 August... time was around 9 or 10 PM

But ther was no one to stop me the next time... the mistake i could neva eva forget in my life. M payin for it... evryday evry hour, every minute n every second.

i was sittin in my room, door ajar... my cousin brother came n told 'Uncle' is callin...
i was kinda tensed... it is not easy to stay calm when u r bein caught. it was her dad! i started from home. it dint take much time to reach her house. It jus opposite. All it takes is jus to cross the road.

i could see her mom, dad n one f my (fuckin)frnd out there in the sit-out. Uncle was kinda harsh the moment he saw me. He was literally shoutin. He asked me to step inside. He sat in front f me n her mom beside me. He asked me if i loved her, his daughter!

August 12 2007; Around 7PM

i was in my frnd's home talkin very seriously about this problem. i for sure was in deep shit, ugly filthy shit you could eva think of. He asked me to tell her dad abt everythin. i really wanted to. i really dint know somethin was happenin at the background. My frnd, Anoop (his name is also Anoop :D), gave me enough courage to tell her parents abt everythin. i wanted to tell my parents b4 i talk to her dad. My parents dint even care to understan me. They were strictly against the love thingy. But i had lil bit f hope tat i can convince my parents.

August 12 2007; After 10PM - at her home

'NO'... i told her dad.
i was tryin to save her. Cuz she already told her parents that there was no such kinda relationship between me n her. i was jus tryin to save her. i dono watels i can say abt it. Uncle called her in front f me. but she too said the same.
He gave me his last n the final warnin. he was pointin his index finger towards me, right in front f my eyes n he told he will kill me if he eva in his life come to know that we were in love. He was OK for everythin. He jus said 'YOU SHUD BE COURAGE ENOUGH TO TELL THE WORLD WHOM YOU LOVE'...with enough sarcasm in his 'DAD'ly voice...

It was not tat i was afraid f him or i had the fear f me bein killed by him. NO! Nothin tat sorta. We got backstabbed from one of my frnd, whom i thought would neva eva cheat us (tat would be another blog cuz i got tonnes to say abt tat too :D). He cant b blamed though. Cuz i mite hav done wat he did if i was in his position. But even then it was a shock for both me n her.

Just a Word- NO. Biggest mistake in my life. i paid my life for it.


Jaunty anima said...

Hey....i unnerstand...u gt a messed up life as of all this passes soon man....n y such a pessimistic blog name boy?

Cheers to life!!!!

P.S.:Y u nt following the blog publicly,i wonder????

Anoop said...

pessimistic?? :((
tat was meant to be funny kinda.. ;)
my life sux though... :(


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