Monday, August 24, 2009

mEaN wHeN yOu sAy iT...

I'm really Sorry!
Hey, i love you!
Thank you, dude!

We r very familiar with these words... we use it very often everyday. These can sometimes be called as fillers... to complete our sentence... yes, i usually do it.
i hardly get some work at offis...n when i do get, they squeeze the hell outa me. :| When they assign me some work, i used to say 'Thank You' without any hesitation n i don even mean a word when i say it. i usually curse them in my mind, to be very frank.

But these words can do wonders..i tell u..

i'll tel u a very small incident happened in my offis 2day. i went for lunch very soon 2day as there was some meeting that was supposed to happen in the cafeteria. i took my lunch n i was waitin for my frnds who used to accompany me.
we were havin food in a hurry...cuz we had to leave the cafe for the meeting.
i could see some beautiful design on my frnd's dress... some guy who was carryin his food to his place accidentally spilled it over my frnd's dress. He said sorry n left the scene. It took quite some time to wash it off. But the way she was treated when we went back was different from what we expected. They were kinda tryin to pullin her was a very embarrassin situation..

Was he really sorry for her?? Did he really mean when he said sorry??

when i say 'Sorry', 75% of the time, i DON'T mean it... khe khe khe...


Anonymous said...

Ya kinda true! because of this, sometimes when we mean saying these words nobody believes.

Urvashi said...

I think u must say somethin only when u mean it.Dont jus spk for the sake of formality......It shows tht u dont mean it......!!

Nice post.....
(n,i mean it)!!!! :)

Anoop said...

Hmm.. Urvashi
now i understood the value of sayin it... the difference when u say it to some1 and when some1 say tat to us.. :(


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