Sunday, August 30, 2009

tHe TrAiN i MiSsEd...

i reached the railway station minutes before the train departured...all i could do is jus to watch the train movin...away from me...

My train was at 8PM n i started from home at 7.10. i very well knew i m gonna miss the train. i was waitin for my frnd to come. He is always late. We asked the auto-driver to go fast but we were too lucky (:P) to get stuck at al the traffic signals :(

Luckily we reached the station, jus minutes before. Since the coach was S8, we had to walk...since it was Onam (festival in Kerala), they had some extra AC coaches n we had to walk too far... jus b4 we boarded the train, we thot we would jus check the list. we don usually do it though. We were literally shocked not to c mine or my frnds' name in the list. We had no idea what was happenin. Only then i checked the 'train' he had booked tickets for. My brave-frnd booked tickets for another train which was at 4'o clock in the evenin. WoW!

We had no choice but to watch my favorite train movin...n movin n moving... we would hav neva come across such a situation if he had sent me the tickets when we were in the offis. i had asked him too. But he was way too busy to send me the tickets.

One of the memorable moments in my life... one of the biggest blunders happened to me and my frnds... khe khe khe... But it was good in some way...i gotto come home by flight... My first Flight! ;)


Anonymous said...

you do 'khe khe' a lot..don't you?

Anoop said...

yea tats rite shilpa... ;)


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