Monday, August 31, 2009

mY FiRsT fLiGhT... :D

I recently had my very first flight experience on August 29 2009, 06:45PM.
I had some butterflies fluttering inside my tummy during take-off. But it was fun. I enjoyed every bit of it. I jus had an hour or so to spend inside the flight, from Chennai to Kochi. I sometimes felt like, the flight is dead-still in the air…I felt it’s gonna fall down. OMG!
I wanted to take some pics but they asked me to switch my mobile off. I dint want to take any risk for I have seen Final Destination and Butterfly effect. Khe khe khe…

The only photos I took were of my boarding pass and the pre-caution msg…

My first Boarding Pass:

Inside the plane... ;) Jus a precaution message. :P

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neha said...

good me not yet experienced the air transport :(


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