Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pUt iS PuT...

We had ECE (Electronics & Communication Engg) lab in our 3rd year Engg classes. There were two in-charge for the lab. One Ma'am and a Sir. Two Dumb-fools! Am extremely sorry to acquaint them this way. They were my teachers, but they knew nothing :P

The lecturers seemed very strict about the lab classes. We had to write a write-up (small one though) about the experiment we were supposed to do, the tabular column and the circuit diagram. Above all that, we had to maintain a dress-code. Tucked-in Dark grey shirt, Dark-blue pants and black leather shoes. These were mandatory.

As it was our 2nd or 3rd lab session, we dint know that this dress-code thingy was a mandatory one. Some of us were wearin chappals and to add fuel, we dint tuck in our shirt too. i usually dint tuck in my shirt when i was in college. The Ma'am in-charge caught us and asked us to leave the lab. We dint hesitate to follow her command. But i appreciate her kindness for having called us back but with a warnin...

She came to Out-Standing fellas, stared at our chappals n said

We were like...WHAT?!?! We still laugh our ass off when we think about it. i hope you guys understood wat she really meant. khe khe khee...

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