Saturday, August 1, 2009

LiL mOrE f 'aBoUt mE tHiNgY'...

Hi Guyz...
you mite hav got a lil bit f idea abt me when u read 'About Me'. this is jus a lil more info abt me, not complete though...
My behavior can keep changin (n so can the contents in this page). But i think am good at heart.
i do hurt ppl when they hurt me. i can get hurt even for silly reasons. i talk calmly even when m angry, but i use lotsa 'words' tat can b very uncomfortable to others :P.
i think tat wud suffice.

i like a lot many things. recently i started liking to 'blog'. i like playin Table Tennis.
m a SuDoKu freak. i love playin it.

My lucky number is 3 and my favourite color is BLACK!

i love my frnds... they r everythin for me... i don hav much f frnds btw, but one. She is everythin to me. i love her more than anythin under the Sun n yea i love my parents more than anythin above the sun. :P

i jus started to bloggin on July 2009. i "THINK" i can b a good blogger after, say 3 years. i cant assure u tat my blogs wud be the best blogs u cud find on internet. these are my thougths n craps. its mine. i typed it. No Copy-Pasting done!
i wont allow u too to do it. 'Copy-Cats mite face a law-suit'! Khe khe khe... i gotta find a lawyer though... :P

Sorry if you find any similarity in the contents f this blog with any other's. i cant help it. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! So, Excuse me!

BTW, don get confused abt the name, Cryptanalyst. This mayb kinda confusin though this is no way related to crptography, cryptanalysis n Cryptanalysts.
Cryptanalyst is my lucky word.

You can throw ur (genuine) comments, good or bad. My email id is cryptanalyst_4u[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in, just in case... :D

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