Sunday, August 9, 2009

a bOtTle oF bEeR tO rEmEmBeR...

Yesterday my room-mates got 2 bottles f beer. we had also bot' some food to eat..for dinner.
i wanted to hav some but you know, i don drink. i feel like drinkin when i c others drinkin.. ;)

they were drinkin n drinkin... n they had bot' some Whisky also...i dono when they bot' it. Hmm. :| it was really nice to sit with them hearin their jokes.. we suddenly came across somethin in between...


One of my frnd (whoz drunk) suddenly shouted the word...pointin the other guy... n when we say 'Statue' they r not supposed to move except their eyes... Hmm... The rule is somebody gotta touch them, only then they can move... it was really a very nice game we used to play when we were kids... Every1 mite hav played it... But it was really a nostalgic moment when we played statue yesterday... :D

There were other games tooo... Pen fight, label, book cricket, hand cricket, Mercy, Stone Paper Scissors... these were some of them...i don really remember all f them... i used to take the heaviest f al my pens to the class to play pen fight... n if we win we earn lables - name slips... i used to hav 1000s of name slips...faces f different actors.. These were some f the famous games in south india...i dono abt wat north ppl used to play... mite b any f these i gues...tat don really matter, now :P
we really had a very good time... We play this durin intervals... sometimes durin class hours also.. hehe... gone r those days.. :(

i jus wanted u guys to try it. You r grown-up but tat doesn mean tat we gotta stop behavin bein kids... ;) it will be fun... You gotta try it...only then u ll understan wat u really mis in life... the good times u had in life... the best times f life...



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