Tuesday, August 25, 2009

gOd iS jEaLoUs...

Gos is jealous of my frndship! Otherwise he definitely would not make us to fight like this outa no reason.

Gods can be jealous too. Have u heard the story of Lord indra requesting Lord Vishnu to demolish King Mahabali? Lord Indra doesnt like Mahabali for he being so kind-hearted and helpful. Indra was terribly frightened about the fact tat someday people would go to Mahabali instead of goin to Lord Indra. Thats the story behind the very famous festival of Kerala, Onam! So, there is no special moral of this story but jus an info that Gods can be jealous too...

If people jus love each other without any problems or fights between them, then there is no reason for people to think of God. So, someday or the other, people would forget about God and stop worshipin him. It is the God who makes us fight. He is jealous of my love towards you. i love you more than anything under the Sun; i love my parents more than anythin above the Sun; there is no space for God (other than the space took by Sun itself :D) in between n so he is jealous. He wants me to fight with you for wateva reasons and pray to him.

n He Won! :(

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