Monday, August 24, 2009

mAgIc eYe...

i dono if anyone knows abt this Magic Eye thingy! but this is really interesting. I knew this 3D image technique long back, but only a few days back, while readin one of my frnd's blog (Americanising Desi), i got to know the name - Magic Eye!

i did search on this n i got some interesting picz.. i dono if everyone could see the 3D image. As Desi said, look beneath the surface... ;)

Just a note Desi: i'm not tryin to copy-paste from urs... but u know, i jus wanted to let my frnds know abt this... Hope u don mind! :D

If you would like to hav a look at the same, here it goes...

the 3D image hidden behind this is

You could also search in Google for more images. There is also a website related to this Magic Eye thing.

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