Friday, August 14, 2009

mEn: 1 yEaR; wOmEn: 6 mOnThS

Source: Times of India

[Pre Script: this is not a story of some1 whom i spied! i recently happened to read an article in 'Times Of India' newspaper when i was thinkin what would possibly my next topic to blog. i felt it interesting. i decided to write abt it. You can say i copy-pasted it. Not really it is but read-write! ;) :P Not many people read newspapers even though they read books or blogs or wateva! if you guys happened to have this or kinda similar posts in ur blog or some other blog, its mere coincidence! i cant help it!

Great Minds Think Alike!
Say this 10 times in ur mind. it mite help :P]

i kinda got surprised knowin the fact. it mite be known to everyone, at least gurls, tat men do look at them. Not jus look, they ogle!
I jus googled it n i came to know that people also conducted studies among people. They (n their studies) hav found tat men spend an average of one year (or more i guess ;) ) of their lifetime ogling women. Approximately 43 minutes a day, staring n sizing up the fairer sex.

i searched for some pics of men ogling women to post it in here. i was surprised to see Barack Obama's picz in the list. David Beckham n some of the Indian Cricketers were also among them...
But why do men look at women? is it cuz f hormones?? or wanna c what they r wearing?
it could b cuz f many reasons... It is a mixture of admiration, curiosity and lust. But for that matter, not everyone can be blamed.

Gurls! Wait! Do not think tat only men ogle... :P
Studies hav proved that women spend more than 6 months of their lives sizing the men up... But i seriously think tat's wrong. They shud also b spendin almost the same amount f time... Nowadays gurls are on par with men...


Americanising Desi said...

hahahaha this was informative.
you beat us to it didnt you!

a whole year or more at ogling!

tsk tsk :)

makes us better of the species ;)

Diwakar Sinha said...

statistics and reality...
reminds of the discussions we had about the opposite sex caught olging at us ;)


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