Sunday, August 16, 2009

jUs aNoThEr bLoG...

i couldnt help myself away from thinkin abt wats happenin... If anyonez hurtin somebody, they deserve to b punished...even if that 'any1' is good or bad, whosoeva it may be... tats the THUMB-RULE of nature!

Let us consider a situation...
You love a guy/gal.
You are being caught.
Parents not accepting.
They were peaceful at first but now started torturin, both mentally n physically.

if they love u, they would definitely be peaceful n they would try to understan ur situation. i guess so, not sure though :(

You SHOULD go with your lover then. Every one deserve to be punished if they hurt someone. One way or the other, every1 will end up suffering. earlier the better! If they (parents) loved you, they shud understan u n ur siuation. Living with the one you love is one n the best way of punishin those parents who torture their sons n daughters... Ofcoz they can advice you, but not torture. If you dint punish them, GOD will!

PS (for those kids): This blog is not to offend them (parents who love their kids) in any ways. So DO NOT HESITATE to love! :D
PS (for those parents): This blog is to offend you, ofcoz ;). If you feel your kid did a mistake loving someone, then leave your kids alone n let them suffer. Every mistake wil b punished. Let them get punished. Leaving your kids with the person they love is the biggest torture (or wateva u call them on earth) you can do to them. As i said earlier, Sooner the better! khe khe khe... (tat was a fiend of me :D)

THE VERDICT: If you love someone, go live with them. It can be sometimes YOU PUNISHING YOUR PARENTS or YOUR PARENTS PUNISHING YOU or BOTH... khe khe khe...
But one thing is for sure, tat you can live with the one you love ;)


Omesh Pandita said...

Parents leave those Kids Alone :P

neha said...

hey anoop ..

firstly i wud lyk 2 knw wht made u write abt this issue .. :P

y is it mentioned as torture? btw ..

plz get rid of the word verification in ur comment section its a pain ..




Anoop said...

Hey thanks neha...
torture was the word which came to my mind then.. ;) n i wrote abt this issue cuz my frnds did suffer a lot from their parents.. :((

n hey i got rid f tat word verification thingy :D Good suggestion tat was. i honestly dint know it we ppl who set it.. :)

Americanising Desi said...

lol! good ps s :)


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