Tuesday, August 25, 2009

oUt oF tHe bLuE...

"Can you call me tomorrow? Afternoon nobody will be there at home."
i saw this msg from my frnd in the yahoo messenger chattin window. i wanted to talk to her...but the only problem with me was that she was in Australia. She was not a foreigner though. We used to chat for hours n hours. i kinda loved chattin with her for she was a very good frnd of mine.

i used to tell her about the gal (i love) who i used to meet in the temple and stufs like that. i used to enjoy her possessiveness towards me when i say about other gals. It is always a great feelin to hav some1 who s possessive abt us.

i used to tell her all the stories about my neighbor n that i proposed her. She used to take it as a joke for some reason she strongly believed i dint hav the guts to propose a girl. i used to pray to God to make her accept my proposal. i knew i was good at heart (not outside though :|) but i dint if i deserved her love. The Australian used to get jealous when i used to say about my neighbor n one day the Australian said she loves me. i was startled! i couldnt believe her words. i knew she was serious when she said that. i liked her but neva loved her. It wasnt a big issue to start loving her for she was good at heart, nice and beautiful too...

But one my one side it was the girl who i loved, on the other side the girl who loves me and me in between sufferin from Moral-Dilemma, figurin out which one to choose...

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