Saturday, August 22, 2009

tHe pLeAsUrE pRiNcIpLe...

For the dream i had
i was so glad
of havin a job
somewhere on the globe... (:D)

the day seemed longer
yet i was stronger
"Please do not punish me now for what i hav sinned..." i pray
for the exam i was abt to write today...

i felt thirsty
when the questions seemed ghosty
i prayed again
without any complain...

i finished it late
and i did wait
to know wats my rate
to blame it on my fate...

Here, after 3 years
i say cheers
sittin in my office
havin no choice...

but now i feel...
it was no big deal...
to pass the exam...
so well, Damn!

The pleasure principle states that people seek pleasure and avoid pain, i.e., people seek to satisfy biological and psychological needs.

The reality principle is a psychoanalytic concept that compels one to defer instant gratification when necessary because of the obstacles of reality.


Americanising Desi said...

hey Anoop your 'Quite a Blog' has a prob with the post comment!

u gotta fix it :)

unless it is deliberate!

That thing in P.S. is right on!
but i havent yet been there! wonder why!

Anonymous said...

simple yet powerful...and kind of true also

Anoop said...

many thanks...shilpa...
n to u too american desi... ;)


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