Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Parliament, Minister, Collector, MP etc are some of the words which come to our mind when we hear the word 'Politics'. But there is a betta place for it...your WORKPLACE that is. It happens everywhere. Recently, what happens in a Software company is, they recruit people for their projects, make them work, recognize them, relieve them, fire them (if needed or not :P).

So-Called-Politricks can happen in any of these phases, startin from hiring to firing. People around you mite seem loyal, kind and committed and ofcos, a good friend. but is he / she as loyal or wateva you think they would be? NO! They are not! Politics is a trick. It comes as a package - Selfishness, Ego and money. Its there within everyone in the organization, but what really matters is, when its being used :|

You might never know when you are being back stabbed, but only when you become a victim. Recently one of my friend X got an opportunity to go On-site in ABC project. X did all the preparations and necessary procedures to process the VISA. It was a shock when X came to know that the opportunity jus skipped her and went to person Y. The funny part is, Y is no where related to ABC project and is from XYZ project. We were kinda confused. Only l8r, we came to know that it was a filthy-game played by Y and the Project Manager of ABC project. Just for these morons being frnds doesnt mean that they can play straight with the other's career.

It Shucks, BIG time. Happened to me too, once. i learned a lesson. it had 4 chapters ;)
1. Listen, but do NOT complain
2. Do NOT choose sides
3. If all else fails, remove yourself from the situation :|
4. BE CAREFUL, for you could be next :P

Sorry for...Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead. It could be purely coincidental.

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