Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TiThLi... :D

i hate to travel in a bus, here in chennai. its highly recommended not to. People hang outa the doors n also windows sometimes.
i hav seen skool students even holdin the window grill with their skol bags on their back with no ther support. i hate travellin in a bus.
i don care goin by an autorikshaw when i see the condition of the buses. When compared, Autorikshaw is luxury.

but recently i happened to travel in a bus n i don regret for whom i met on the bus. There was no much rush inside the bus, though all seats were occupied. it was so boring until i noticed one girl boarding the bus. she was lookin so cute. i was lookin at her most f the time. i couldnt help it. i suddenly turned my face outa fear-of-being-caught when she saw me lookin at her. i noticed she was holdin somethin.
*mite be some kinda bag*
she came n stood jus beside me. i was soo happy to c her so close. i dint feel like takin my eyes off her. she was fair with curly hair. She is one of the most beautiful girl i hav eva seen on the planet. Frankly!

i felt even more lucky when the person sittin beside me left the place. i wished if she sat next to me. i moved to the window seat lookin at her with a come-n-sit-here look. She looked at another lady (mite be her mom). She came and sat next to me...thanks to her mom for lettin her sit beside me
WOW! She was soo cute... i looked at her. She was busy doin somethin.

i somehow wanted to start a conversation with her. i waited for a while to get a chance. i lost my patience and asked what her name is. i couldnt help myself. She gave me a who-are-you kinda look. i asked her again. She dint reply.
i felt embarrassed. Her mom looked at me. Oops..!
i dint even turn to her side for quite a while.

i was tryin to reach my mobile in my pocket when my hand touched her fingers. My Goodness! i kept my hand near to her's havin the intention f touchin her fingers again... i told u i couldnt help noticing her.
i touched her fingers. Wow... so smooth n soft...
she dint take her hands off. i was not surprised. i asked her name again. No reply this time also.

Tithli... she said when i asked her again. Everyone used to call my sister 'Tithli'. tat means Butterfly. Exactly, tats how she looks, like a butterfly!
she was more of it. i felt so happy the way she said.
Her native was not TN for sure, cuz she was talkin in Hindi at times to her mom. i could hardly understan wat she said but it was hindi for sure. Even from her complexion i came to know tat she s not from Chennai.

its been quite a while. Our stop was few minutes away... yea we were goin to the same place.
Tithli was abt to leave. Opps i wanted to ask what she was doing?
i felt if i could see her again. i don mind seein her for the rest of my life for the innocence she had in her eyes, the way she looked at me, the way i held her soft fingers...

The book which she had fell down when she was about to alight the bus. She dint thank me when i helped takin it for her, but her mom did :)

the nameslip on the book read

Name: Tithli Viswanath
Class: IV
SBOA School

i heard a 'Taataa' from behind... (cutest one eva!) when we walked past the road...

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