Saturday, August 1, 2009

ePiNePhRiNe, aka AdReNaLiNe...

it was rainin here in Chennai. it rarely happens here. The drainage system is way too bad here. Even if it rains only for a minute or so, we ll get to c an ocean, at least a lake, out there in the streets.
it was around 9PM when i was on the way to a hotel to get some food. i was carryin a very big umbrella also. i could see one guy walkin ahead f me...sight was no clear as the street dint hav much lights.
i started walkin a bit fast n i reached near him. we had to cross a narrow street. n this guy was walkin too slowly.
*Let me RACE* ;) i thot in my mind n i started walkin faster. i wanted to 'over-take' him. i reached closer.


i saw a very bright light right in front f me. it lasted not more than a second. Somethin like a human torch.
the guy who was walkin in front f me is gone! i dint even hear a sound f his voice...

Adrenaline was pumped outa my heart. i could feel every bit f it. How would you feel when u try to put ur finger in a relatively small hole? i had a similar kinda feelin... i dono how to explain tat.
i could feel all the muscels on my face. i could feel somethin washed away beneath my facial skin.
i jumped off from whr i stood.

OMG! he was struck by an electric line which broke cuz f the lightning. He was thrown 2-3 meters away. i dint even c what happened.

some ppl there carried him to a nearby house. i dint c him after that. He is not dead for sure. every1 thr was lookin at me. i dono if they were checkin if somethin happened to me or i did somethin to him...The splash f light is right in front f my eyes. tat was somethin which wud hav happend to me if on earth i over-took him. My eyes r shiverin yet. was god savin me from a danger?

i stil cant belive wat i saw... ther were many situations in my life where i had the effect f adrenaline, but not possibly like this one which i had today!

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