Friday, August 7, 2009

RiNg a RiNg O' rOsEs... (?_?)

Source: Internet - Wikipedia
Edited by: Anoop ;)

Ring a-ring o' roses
A pocketful of posies.
a-tissue!, a-tissue!.
We all fall down.

We all know this rhyme very well. It was very nice to sing this song, kids holdin each other's hands formin a circle n playin soooo happily...but 2day (Aug 7 2009) i came to know abt a story behind this rhyme. i dono if u guys were aware of it... :|
i thot i ll let u know abt this - a blog outa it :|

Yes, i searched abt this in Wikipedia. i dint copy-paste from it though... :P

Great Plague of London!
This was a major out-break of plague in London! This happened during 1663-1664. Records state that deaths in London crept up to 1,000 people per week, then 2,000 people per week and, by September 1665, to 7,000 people per week. The plague allegedly arrived with a merchant carrying a parcel of cloth sent from London, although this is a disputed fact. This almost killed 75% of inhabitants n tat was around 70,000 ppl...

It is said tat the 'ring a ring o' roses' refer to the red swelling, symptom f bein affected.

'pocketful of posies' refered to the flowers ppl used to carry in their pockets to safe-guard themselves from Plague. They thought tat the flowers which had pleasant smell would keep the infected air away..

'a-tissue' (some versions also say it was 'achoo' - which referred to sneezing) last coughin of the ppl affected by plague...

'We all fall down' refers to the ppl who died! Falling down of those who were affected...

Still we feel happy when we see our kids singin this song... isnt it? But hav u eva thot f such a terrible tragedy behind this rhyme????


Anonymous said...

Hey I really din't know the origin of this rhyme...I learned somethin new today...

Good work Man..!!

Anoop said...

Thanks! :D

Aarti said...

Hmmmm..i too didnt knew abt dis ..thanks for posting it :)

Anoop said...

i posted this long back... ;)


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