Monday, August 10, 2009

mY nOt-fReAkIn bIrThDaY... :D

i got some gifts from my frnds..which makes this day one f the most memorable day... ;)

i got 2 Archies Cards, One Fancy Cup, a (ultra) small book of Archies and a small toy as gufts...n yea i forgot i got a Dolphin also... :D
THANKS TO SANGEETHA n SUBBU... i really dint expect this...n Sang, i wont hate u for any reason okay... i dono abt Subbu... khe khe khe...

Anjana wished me too... ;)

it was a very big surprise for me to see my cubicle decorated with baloons n toffees...i really thot nobody would care for my bday... i had gone for lunch and the by the time i came back, it was full of baloons and toffees everywhr around...

It shud be the idea of Kashifa n Anjana... :) Thanks guys... But m angry with u..Anjana for not wishin me YET! thanks to Vijay for leavin me a note here on my desk and Thanks to Santha for blowing the baloons.. ;)

i really m thankful for makin this birthday a very good one.. :) i dint expect this way when i was writin the previous post...but glad to hav this turned out this way! m really happy for havin talked to her too... Thanks to u too...

i gotta go now... gonna get sweets for my frnds... :)

Once again Thanks guys... Love ya... :)


Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Flor (

Anoop said...

Thanks.. :)


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