Monday, September 14, 2009

50 tHoUgHtS... :D

I was tagged by Aritry... sorry for being soo late... u can get the answer from my thoughts... :D

1. i really dint know what really a 'tag' means.
2. i dint know i was such a low-voltage tube-light khe khe khe...
3. i copied 'Khe khe khe' from my Orkut-friend Manu
4. i don regret for it.
5. m tensed cuz my best frnd is not messagin me...
6. my friends r watchin tv n the volume is irritating me
7. i m an introvert
8. my career life is sucked, big time
9. I'm broke.
10. i cant stop thinkin f my x-GF.
11. i, a software engineer, sent my resume to BMW yesterday... khe khe khe...
12. I'm thinkin how aritry finished this in 10 mins...
13. Can i search in google? :P
14. Aritry tagged me on Aug 23 Hmm.. :| My tagz rusted :|
15. My first poem was a gr8 HIT! My friends warned me NOT TO TRY it again. :(
16. i lied...
17. i m desperately tryin to finish 50 points.. OMG its jus 17
18. i gotta watch 'Milk' movie now
19. i gotta go to offis 2moro
20. i hate goin to that place.
21. i had a TT match 2day n i lost
22. i was supposed to be a gr8 player... But my pride brought me down
23. Can i write about my self Aritry? Cuz i got nothin els to say... :(
24. These stupid mosquitoes r killin me...
25. i used to wonder how bloggers get these many topics?
26. i used to search in google for blog topics, but never used it. i swear
27. I'm runnin outa money
28. only a 3-digit number left in my account OMG :(
29. Politics SUX! my friends r eagerly watchin some stupid news...
30. i hate news :P
31. y is she not messagin me?
32. Oops, i gotta pay my airtel broadband bill
33. I'm feeling hungry
34. i hate cricket
35. can any one help me findin some good images for 'Seeing is believing' thingy?
36. Sometimes i find images for my blog first and then make a topic outa it.
37. i feel embarrassed, cuz i did reveal a lot about me.
38. i talk a lot.
39. Jus reached 39??????? :O :O
40. what you guys say about the topic 'Beginner's Luck'?
41. Please dont you make a blog outa the topics i said Please please please... :D
42. i started writing this at 10 PM and now the time is 10.30 PM
43. I'm not good at writing.
44. Aritry, its all cuz f u... :P
45. I'm happy that i understood how to tag a person thru blog?
46. BTW, is this the way we tag others? i really dono...
47. Thank God, i'm about to finish... i gotta start searchin job.. :D
48. i lied to my friend tat i m watchin movie.
49. Actually i WAS watchin movie but only then i got this idea f 'tag'ing :D
50. Alas! i finished. it took 45 mins for me to finish it! Very Bad! :(

Thanks aritry! it was fun!

n i would like to tag Neha (Oops, she is not my follower. Will she see this? :O) n Urvashi :D

Photo Credit: Billy Alexander / Image / Website


NEHA said...

Shit! this is so difficult!

will try whn i gain some confidence!


got 2 knw a lot abt u thru this!


Anoop said...

difficult???? Hmmm...

try try... khe khe khe... lemme c u struggling.. ;)

An Ordinary Gal said...

lol is it "khee khee" or "hee hee"
actually we used this "he he" :D :P

well thanks for visting my blog n following me. u made ma laugh n ur tag was also gr8. I enjoyed reading it n seriouslly m not lying :D :D

Anoop said...

khe khe khe is a different version of hehehe...

u enjoyed uh??? khe khe khe thanks..

i would hav tagged u too if u were in my followers list a day back.. ;)

Sunakshi said...

lol good efforts .. keep it up xD

Anoop said...

thanks Sunakshi.. :)


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