Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"WE" aRe hElPiN tHe SoCiEtY...

I recently had a fight with my Dad. Nothing tat sorta. Jus you know, about inter-caste marriage. I was talking for it and my dad against it.

There are many people I know who did this inter-caste marriage and they suffer a lot of problems too. But are these problems cuz f this marriage from a different caste?
Are these parents suffering cuz their sons or daughters did marry a person from a different caste??? NO…Never!
They are suffering cuz they did some serious mistake sometime in the past. God is not a fool to make our parents suffer for what mistakes we do. The change in culture doesn’t matter at all. Who cares about it?
There is logic behind this inter-caste marriage. Inter-caste marriage mainly happens between Christians and Hindus. Christianity is a very-widely-followed religion and when compared to it Hindus are very less. Among every 100 people in India, 45 of them will be X’ians, 40 of them will be Hindus, 10 Muslims and rest 5 of them other religions.

Out of 40 Hindus, 25 people are men and 15 people women. Let’s consider a worst case scenario. 15 women got married to 15 men. What will happen to other 10 men??? Do they have to wait until these 15-hindu-married-couples to have their kids and reach their can-officially-marry age???? Whom will these people marry?? They got no other choice but to marry people from other religion or caste. So, by doing this, people are actually helping the society from a crisis… khe khe khe…

At last my dad asked, “Do you love someone from a different caste or religion?”

PS: Thank god, my Dad doesn’t have a blog to talk ‘for’ it, or he would have killed me with his words… ;)


Urvashi said...

Haha...wt ws ur intention BTW of brnging up d topic wid ur Dad haann...????

Something Fishy.... ;)

Gr8 logic..... the 15-25 thing...Hw can u think of such things????? :O

Keep cmng up wid more such logics :)

Anoop said...

Sure urvashi...
wil definitely come up with some gr8 logics... hehehe... :)
thanks for droppin by...


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