Thursday, September 24, 2009

tHe eMbArRaSsEd fOoL...

Time was around 4.45AM when i reached Palghat railway station that day. i was very tired and i was alone too. i had to catch the next train to Ernakulam which was at 5.05AM. i was hungry and desperately wanted to eat somethin. i was running outa money also. :|

what i told them:
i rushed to the counter to take tickets. the ticket price was Rs. 49. i had 100 bucks with me and i got the balance, a Rs.50 note and a Re.1 coin, and came to platform #2. the train was abt to depart n i was rushin to the door. Suddenly a guy who was runnin to catch the train hit me. that idiot dint even bother to apologize. i did a 360-degree-circus-act n came back to normal. i saw my ticket and the Rs.50 note slippin thru the gap under the train! OMG! WTF! i jus had Re.1 with me :O i saw one of my friend in the railway station by luck and got Rs.30, went to Trissur, to my Aunt's home.

what actually happened:
i got into the train. i stood for quite sometime. One of the guy who was standin along with me asked me where was i going? 'Ernakulam' i answered. He gave me a strange look. 'WHAT? ERNAKULAM? This train is goin to MANGALORE!!" i felt like, WHAT?!? i dint know wat to do. i felt so embarrassed. The train to Ernakulam was on platform #1. He asked to get down at Shoranur station and catch a bus to Trissur n i did that.
i dint want others to know tat i got into the wrong train. i felt embarrassed. So i made a convincing story to make others believe.


Vidhu .. !! said...


liar !!

nd people actually believed the story u cooked up ?? dts d strangest, nd funniest part !!

Anoop said...

yea vidhu
big time liar... khe khe khe...
n yea every1 believed wat i said

ambika said...

dis is funny 1.........
poor happens...heheheh. ;)

Anoop said...

it was very embarrassing... :D

Vidhu .. !! said...

One of my friend recently asked me how do i manage 4 blogs? Yea, how do i manage? i got no idea, to be very frank. i dont mind sharing my responsibility if any onez interested.
Confessions Of A Fool! (ifidie2moro.blogspot) U don hav to be a fool to write in here cuz m not a fool :D its jus a title... ;)

wat if u die 2moro? wat ll u do? C'mon, write it.
Comment me if anyonez interested. we ll discuss then. Ok? does tat make a deal? :D

*jumps up and down*

*was it me who asked ??*

*i am interested ;)*


let me see if i can write nything equally fool-ish ;)


Anoop said...

oops BTW, is this foolish??? :O


Anoop said...

haha...vidhu... yes it was u who asked... ;)
when i said 'one f my frnd', did i bother u???:O r u not my frnd???

vidhu...give me ur mail id...i mean don comment ur email id (for security resons ;)...)i ll invite u to write in this.. :D
my mail id is
pls don laugh at above email id. i created tat long back n i was so childidh jus like i am now. :D

Vidhu .. !! said...

no it aint foolish ... was just kidding :D

nd yes d email add is really funny ;)

nd we are friends :)

Anoop said...

email id is funny? khe khe khe..
sorry... yea we gotta discuss.. ok..

yea we r frnds :D

haf fun

Aarti said...

dats gud ...seems u r an expert to cook stories :)so finally u traveld on an empty stomach huh ?

Anoop said...

yea aarti.. :(

The Generalist said...

lol nice


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