Friday, September 18, 2009

i mUsT b oUtA mY MiNd...

i was the sub-referee for a TT match that happened today at our offis. i was one of the committee member too. Among the players, one of them was from the committee and for that matter, i was, obviously, supporting him. Opponents were my friends too.
i clapped when my friend got some points n most of them do it. But that doesnt mean that i'm biasing. i was fair when questions were asked. But this FUCKIN-RAJA', sonnovagun, commented somethin.
WHAT? WHAT WHAT? i shouted.
he said i'm supporting my friends n there was some match fixing behind it. FUCK YOU RAJA!

i don care a fuck about what you are sayin. i dint wanna make a scene out there but that doesnt mean that u can fuckin back-stab me... u prick!

1 comment: said...

dude, Raja,
this is not nice man.

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