Thursday, September 17, 2009

tHe MiNd gAmE...

"I should not have done this. She meant a lot to me but i should respect her feelings and privacy. Its me who is suffering now. Oomph! it is so painful! Why the hell did i do it? But i'm happy that she loves me. She said so but did she really mean it? Did i do somethin cruel? She loves someone. But they broke up 2 years back.

She has told me that she still loves him. I love her too. He left her, then y is she still behind him? He don deserve her. Do i deserve her? I hope so. i love her a lot more than anyone. She knows that her affair with him was not gonna be successful. They fought al the time. But i don have any intention to hurt her. i told i ll talk to her parents. She wasn't ready. i love to talk to her. Her eyes are so beautiful n i love lookin deep into her eyes.

i asked if she still loved him. She dint answer. i knew she still loved him. i was gettin selfish. She was a good frnd of mine. i threatened her with my emotions. i broke my leg for it. She is mine. Her physical body is mine. but her mind still lingers around him."


varsha said...

thats so friging complicated!

Anoop said...

way tooo complicated varsha.. :((


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