Saturday, September 19, 2009

qUiTe EmBaRrAsSiNg... :-#

i would give you an-advice-from-heart for free.
Never Ever Help A Studious-Beautiful-and-Very-Very-Honest Girl! :(

It was during my model exams in 10th standard. We used to have hundreds of them to keep us healthy for the exams. School authorities saw these exams strictly and every student had to attend these exams. sometimes the concerned teached would give the answer sheets to the students itself for correction, ofcos, not their own papers, but only one condition that they gotta write their name on the corrected-sheets at the end to find the examiner :D

There was a girl named Priya (name changed) in my class and she was good looking n studious. So, for obvious reasons i had a crush on her. ;) i was overwhelmed with joy when i got her Hindi-answer-sheet for correction. khe khe khe... i did nothin except that i jus corrected one answer for her and gave an extra mark. Just 1 MARK! i had many reasons behind n i hope u can guess all those. khe khe khe... i was a KID then. i used to try all stupid things to make her notice me. :D

But you know what she did? She went n gave a complaint to the teacher sayin someone did fraud n its ANOOP! OMG! What on earth made her to complaint this to the Ma'am. She was a semi-crack too. She called me to the front and insulted me the maximum she could. i dint cry. i was not angry also. i just felt sooooooo embarrassing.

But Guys, i dint leave her n she accepted my proposal 3 years afterwards :)


neha said...


good one!


Anoop said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :(

Anoop said...

r u studious neha???? :P

Deeps!! said...

ha ha ha!! good one! i like the name of ur blog! cryptanalyst! well being a computer science engineer kinda triggered the interest!

Anoop said...

thanks deeps...
is ur name deepa???
cryptanalyst is a very lucky word for me.. ;)


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