Saturday, September 26, 2009

aM i ReaLLy gOoD..? ;)

I think I’m good. Cuz I have done good things. But I used to think what others would think if I didn’t do something which is good or if I do something which is not good. So am I doing good things for other’s sake? Or is it jus to make an image that I’m good? Does that really make me good?

Are all good people like this? Or aren’t there any good people?
But I’m good! :D


Suganthi said...

Live life ur way.. Dont think of others' opinion..

ur blog looks cool

Nethra said...

good people dont do good deeds to impress others so do bad people give a damn about their image in others eye.
you can pretend to be good or bad for awhile but character shows what you are after awhile.

Anoop said...

Wow...thanks yyaarr... ;) m flattered :D

Hmm.. yes i know tat good ppl doesn do things for others sake... but i hav felt they do think f least at times they do...


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