Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mUjHe dArR LaG rAhA hAi...

Time was around 2PM when i heard my cell shouting. i knew it was a stranger for i had kept special ring tones for my friends. i answered the call and i heard a girl's voice.
"Mujhe darr lag raha hai" said the voice.
i was so irritated cuz f the call for it was disturbin my sleep. She asked for 'Rehan' uncle. Her voice was shivering. "Wrong number" i said and cut the cal.
i got a call again from the same number. she was callin me again n again even when i cut the cal. she was pissing me off.
"How many times i should tell you? WRONG NUMBER" i shouted and cut the call again.
She called me back again. This time she was crying. she said it was her mom's mobile and this is the number stored in the name of 'Rehan Uncle'. She again repeated "Mujhe darr lag raha hai". i dint know what to do. i felt she was talkin lying under her cot. She started crying. i asked her to dial 100 and call the police station if there is something wrong and asked her not to call me again.

i was so tensed. i dint know what i did was right or wrong.
"was there any thief in her home or was she kidnapped?"
or "Was she gonna suicide?" if tat was the case, the last dialed number is mine. OMG! Police is gonna squeeze the hell outa me. i couldnt help thinkin rubbish. i dint sleep properly that night. i wanted to help her for obvious reasons (i dint wanna get into trouble) but i dint want to call her also.

There are some situations where we become cruel. But are we really being cruel? i was helpin myself. at least i asked her to call the police. i still feel am guilty for some reason. was there any better way to help her?


neha said...

hey anoop that was reli scary

i mean i couldnt have done better

dont keep the guilt is all i can say


Anoop said...

yea tats rite... i dono y i feel guilty.. but i got no idea wat happened to her then.. Hmm..
luckily i dint get any cal after that n no police called me.. khe khe khe... :D

Shilpa said...

Hey Anoop, you don't have to feel guilty.Let me tell you something, when i was in college then some of my class mates who were living in hostel used to dial random phone numbers and do such sort of things, so this could be one such call.

And even if that was for real she would have called 100. so don't worry and keep doing 'khe khe khe :D' ok?


Anoop said...

thanks for droppin by...
n i ll keep doin khe khe khe.. :D

but i really got tensed tat day :(


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