Wednesday, September 2, 2009

cRaZy mE n mY mYsTiC WiFe...

Hey…I’m not married! Khe khe khe… Then you may ask “Why this blog?”
And my answer would be “This is my blog. I would write whateva I want :P”

You can never guess who mite be your spouse unless until you are in love and dead sure that he/she would marry you. ;) But you can always have your imaginations squeezing the hell out of your mind. I do have some thoughts about my future wife and I dedicate this blog to ‘HER’ ;) It’s more of DO NOTs than DOs…

First and foremost, my wife should be shorter than me :D
I don’t care about her complexion
I do care about her hair. They are my kinda-weakness. She should have good hair. ‘Good’ doesn’t mean ‘long’ :P
I want her to understand that I become tensed very soon and I may get angry. But DO NOT take what-i-say-when-i-am-angry seriously. Please please please… :D
I don’t mind she having friends
Don’t cry and don’t make me cry… ;)
She should wake up early in the morning…though I wont :P

The list goes on…n rest of them would be more of personals… ;) I would really mind sayin it here… khe khe khe..
n yea…I would find my wife myself… :)


neha said...


i must say ur less demanding

my future concepts r never ending :P


varsha said...

now there's a gender discrimination..hmph why she shud get up early while u snore away?
anyway...hope u get ur 'ideal' wife..
great peom or song watevr....

Anoop said...

hey tat was not a song or poem.. khe khe khe...
yea i think i ll get a good wife.. hope so.. :D

i always wake up late btw... but it wont look good when we both wake up late... so let her wake up soon.. :D

Urvashi said...

hmm...good one....
U r pretty clear it seems abt ur choice.... the Khe-khe-khe boy also gets so angry..!!!
DOnot take what-i-say-when-i-m-angry-seriously.... hmmm..... i think u can always make up after ur angry mood with ur khe-khe-khe... wat say??? :P :P

Anoop said...

yea i do get angry...but only to those whom i love soooo very much..hmmm..i dono...tats my problem.. :(

n yea m very clear abt it..hehe i jus need her to wake up early, i mean b4 i wake up... tats it.. ;)


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