Tuesday, September 29, 2009

100 rUpEeS! wAnNa bEt..?

Dec 10 1999 – around 11 PM
I was in the hospital when I woke up. I could feel the pain on the left cheek. It’s swollen. I can feel the projection. My dad n mom was near me. 'Sorry Son' My dad said crying. Why he said sorry? I dono…all I could remember was a bright light in my eyes…

Dec 10 – around 7 PM
What did u do in the class yesterday? My dad asked me. I dint dare to say a word. He slapped me hard on my face and warned me. I went fuzzy. I heard my dad sayin abt my class teacher. I fell down.

Dec 9 – must be around 3 or 4 PM
My class teacher called up a kinda-meeting with me and other teachers. 12 teachers were around me questioning what I did. I said it was a bet among my friends. I felt so insulted in front of them. She, the girl, was not lookin at me. This became an issue cuz f her friend. Ma’am asked my dad’s number.

Dec 8 – Lunch break
She shouted at me. She said all those dialogues a gal used to say when a guy proposes and threw the autograph on to my face. I dint utter a word. I saw the last page in the autograph was torn.

Dec 8 – Morning
I wrote I loved her in my own autograph on the last page and gave it to her. I told her not to look at the last page. My ultimate intention was to make her some how read the last page.

Dec 7 – Evening

He challenged me if I can tell her that I loved her, he would give me 100 rupees. I was in school then. 100 rupees was fairly a big amount for me.

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Urvashi said...

Hey Anoop,Wonderful way of writing ....!!!

Bet.. interesting.... ;)

Anoop said...

So many thanks Urvashi...

NEHA said...

hmmm nicey!


Anoop said...

Thanks Neha...
wat happened to the tag btw???
do u remember??? 50 thoughts??? :P

Prashant Mehta said...

Nice way of portraying the incident - last to first. You can be inspiration to a lot of directors :)

Anoop said...

haha... don compare with those directors prashanth.. khe khe khe...
i jus started to writing.. ;)


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