Friday, September 11, 2009

oN aNd On AnD oN...

when i was in school, i wanted to join college.
when i was in college, i wanted to find a job.
when i found a job, i wanted to quit and find another job.
when i found another job, i wanted more money.
when i earned more money, i wanted to get married.
when i got married, i wanted a kid.
when i got a kids, my expenses grew.
when i controlled my expenses, 'he' reached the age to go to school.
when he joined school, i wanted him to join college.
when he joined college, i wanted him to get a job soon, so that he could take some of my responsibilities.
when he got a job, he wanted more money.
when he earned more money, he wanted to get married to the gal he loved.
and on and on and on...
where did all my money go?
for whom was i livin for?
all i earned, i spent for the one i loved.

is this life?

PS: This is, for sure, not from my experience. I'm not married and so i got no wife n kids...but still, where is my money? :D
khe khe khe...

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