Monday, September 7, 2009


We (me and my friends) recently happened to meet. We had a great time together. I really thought twice about going to a place 60 Kms from my home and meet my college mates there. i fall in the lazy-fools-in-this-world group and i dint like going out and party.

My very first concern was about the movie and the blog itself. i wanted to blog something and i knew they would neva leave me on the same day.But this meet which we had changed my mind. They told they dint expect my presence there. They know me well since my college days. I wanted to watch movies sitting at home and i dint even like wasting 1 minute of my precious time at home. We have planned for another meet at Parambikulam or some other scenic place. I'm lookin forward to it.

Guyz, I had a great time with you guys. Thanks ;)

PS: Dont get confused about the title. It simply means 'Fantastic'. i jus happened to know this word when we were waiting in the railway station, obviously for the train :P

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