Saturday, September 19, 2009


Early 2009
i get tensed when i think about it. i really did enjoy those moments. i started to thinkin about those wheneva i missed her kinda. i dono how do they get over their emotions so soon. i used to blame her for the mistake she has neva done. :| i wanted to mail her. i wanted to call her first of all, but i knew she might have changed her number. i tried emailing her but she never replied. i used to call her all the 'words' i knew when i get tensed.

WHAT? Is that her? Did she join my office? OMG! Did she know i'm here? No way!
i was literally shocked to see her in my offis. She was lookin as beautiful as ever! But i neva wanted to go to talk to her. i dint know how she would react. i used to hide when i kinda accidentally go in front of her.

Next day!

i got a mail from her. OMG! i was on my toes. i felt so happy readin tat 'Hi' msg. She wanted to talk to me. i informed we would meet in the cafeteria. i was so happy to see her again in my office. i can see her all day every day! WoW! But what she wanted to tell me was slightly different from what i thought she wanted to tell me. But still m happy that i got her friendship back!


An Ordinary Gal said...

Congrats dear :)

now u must be very happy..hmmmm

Keep Smiling :)

Anoop said...

tat was a fiction riya.. :(

Sunakshi said...

Mast hain xD

Anoop said...

Thanks Sunakshi :D

ambika said...


Anoop said...

thanks Ambika :D


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