Thursday, September 24, 2009

a bOaT oN mY dEsK... >:D

i have always been crazy about Origami. i used to wonder how do people make dragons and all sorta wateva things they want outa a sheet of paper. And the surprising thing is there s math behind it. i once tried to make a dragon. it was gettin too complicated n i did stop in the middle but i found it very interesting. i tried learnin them watchin some videos in youtube.

This post is all about 'a boat'. i think this boat (which i made) is different from what you make. i studied this from one of my college-friend Jerry. He is an expert and now i'm too. ;) Here is the boat i made and that is my hand :D

That is cute na?

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angel from heaven said...

Intersting you can do so many things with papaer.Check out u tube they have many tutorials on origami.


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