Saturday, September 12, 2009

cOwArD, wHo? mE? nAa... :P

Some time in the year 2000...
i was busily preparing for the exams sitting inside my room. time was around 11 PM i guess. i was concentrating on the book so heavily that i dint even notice wat was happenin around me. i was sitting near the window and the window was opened.

i jumped off from my seat screamin when i saw some guy standing near the window outside.
"WHO ARE YOU?" i shouted
"Who are you?" was his reply.

WTF? He is the one who was a stranger there and how dare he asked Who i am?
"THIEF! THIEF!" i shouted. He started to running! Ogh...
i dono if i was outa my mind then. i started running too behind him. Ofcos, i had company. We ran and ran and we reached a narrow path. Its was way to short in width for only a bicycle could go thru it. We were so excited for chasin a thief. But suddenly he stopped running and turned back.
Oops! Why the hell did he stop? He was supposed to be running until we hunt him down. :D we dint take any risk and we stopped chasing him and ran back for our life. khe khe khe... "He was having a knife"
"He was having some weapon" - we had tonnes of reason to justify our cowardliness.

But still that incident remains in my mind jus as such. The day i saw a thief in real!

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