Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tWeNtY iN pLeNtY...

i was studying in 7th or 8th std i guess. i don remember. But i do remember the shop where i used to go on weekends. i knew the shop-keeper really well. we used to play chess and spend time together playin games. he believed me like a brother. Still he does.

i curse the moment he gave me a new 20-rupees indian currency note in my hand for the help i did to him some day. it was a gift for me. the note was so cute. i kept it so safely inside a notebook. One day, when i was the shopkeeper for the time being, a customer handed over a 20 rupees note. OMG! i looked at it like a Somalian Kid looks at a slice of bread. i could still feel the hunger i then had for those notes. i slipped that into my pocket without having anyone noticed it. it continued for days. i still remember counting over 25 twenty-rupees notes which i possessed.

P.S: i regret for wat i have done. i neva got a chance to tell this to him. Even after 9-10 years, i still keep thinkin of those. But i'm not a thief. Not now. Even then, i was not a thief...i dono...but i stole tat money :(

P.P.S: Somalian Kid thingy was meant to be funny. Not to hurt anybody's feelings by sayin 'Somalia'!


angel from heaven said...

You learn from your mistakes,as long as you realised what happened was wrong then forget it and vow never to do it again.

Anoop said...

Hmm...yes i very well learned... :)
n i hav neva done it again :)


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