Friday, September 11, 2009

aRe aLL giRLs LiKe tHiS..?

Please DO NO read further if you are easily offended!

Some time in 2002!
Me and Z!
Z, she was a very good friend of mine. Bestest friend, if there is such a word. We used to get senti when we talked about each other's marriage. i desperately dint wanna mis her. neither did she. But we were meant to be separated. She had to get married and me too. The only worrying thought was abt friendship after marriage.

February 15 2007!
Alas! the day arrived. She got married to some guy. She called me in the evening. My voice was shivering. i dint want to miss her from my life. i loved her a lot. i still remember that day, the day i cried like a kid. i dint even cry when my sister was leaving home after her marriage. But i couldnt suffer this one. She was a part of me. She asked me not to cry and said she would definitely call me and our friendship is not gonna end.Not in this life. i felt so happy hearin those sweet words. i talked to her hubby for sometime too. She had told him about me and she was damn sure that we could at least say hi bye often.

September 11 2009 01:13 AM

i sit here in front of my laptop, writing this blog. Z, she has never ever called me since then. Its been more than 2 years. She stopped everythin just like tat.

Are all girls like this??? Dont they need friends after marriage? Girls get over thier emotions very soon. i dono how on earth are they able to take things so easily? These stupid guys keep thinkin of them and waste their precious time.


Shilpa said...

Dear, may be her husband didn't want her to be in contact with you in anyway. Without knowing the reason you cannot blame her and whole race of girls. Moreover when a girl gets married she has to give up lot of things, whether she likes it or not.
So, if you don't know the reason, don't blame her. Put yourself in her place and think, you'll get the answer. ok?


Anoop said...

i'm not blamin her shilpa. wats wrong in havin frnds??? If guys can hav frnds after marriage, y dont gals? y r they afraid to be bold in front of their husband??
cant they at least say hi-bye????

n i dint blame the whole species... :P i was jus askin myself 'are all girls like this?' :P

haf fun

Shilpa said...

There's nothing wrong in having friends after marriage, but some crappy men just can't take it if their wives are still friends with their male counterparts..i have seen some people like that.


Anoop said...

Hmm.. tats was happend to me too... that crappy man thingy.. :((

Nethra said...

If she hadn't called, you should have called.
Otherwise you should have moved on like her.
I understand what you feeling because I felt the same when my best friend got engaged. I couldn't stand that someone else became more important to him than me, but i sorted it out. You should have done the same.
Hope you are fine now and have got over her :)

Anoop said...

yea very much fine nethra... very very much...
but it was tuff at the beginin..i tried to reach her but she kept on changin her mob number.. :((


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