Monday, September 7, 2009

mY BrAiN-DrAiN...

I'm very cruel when i get angry. i call all bad words i know. But i jus call them in my mind. i dono wats up with my life. i m runnin into all sorta problems nowadays. i feel i'm f***ed. i feel every one around me is happy. i was very tensed before sendin the mail. but not after that. i know i will never get a reply.
i myself f**ked my career. nothinz on my way...
i wanna shout my life off...
y i feel they are doin all this jus to hurt me? y is this happenin to me alone? i m alive to suffer al this? when i say this to my friends they say they got bigger problems than mine. But i never felt so. My problems are bigger to me than any other's. I'm selfish. I'm done!

some ov'em who i loved left me...n waitin for the rest to leave...
i'm cruel. very!
i hav strong reasons to back it up :((

Message for 'you':
All i want to say is... 'It' was not to hurt you! Please consider stayin back, if you can forgive!

PS: Sorry for the same post on the other blog of mine. Jus want to convey a message.

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