Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bEsT-fRiEnDs-ReDeFiNeD <3

i hit, she hugs
i decide, she obeys
she decides, i obey
i love, she love
i miss, she miss
i cry, she cries
i shout, she smiles,
she smiles, i angry
i kiss, she kiss
i hug, she slaps
i slap, she stamps

i friend, she friend
we are best-friends-redefined! :D


Karthik said...

Very cute, dude.. :)

Anoop said...

thanks karthik.. i wanted to write more...but i felt it wud b borin for the readers.. :D

Anonymous said...

cool!!! very nicely written

Tapan said...

cool!!! very nicely written

Sunakshi said...

Nice one :)


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