Sunday, September 20, 2009

aRe aLL GirLS LiKe tHiS? o_O pArT II (^_~)

One of my friend read the part 1 of this post and gave some comments. i seriously dint mean to offend the whole girl-species, but definitely few of them :P She sent some text msgs to me after readin it.

K: its not matter of girls Anoop. How you were possessive with her, even her husband would hav been. You dono wat happened to her. nobody knows. girls wont say even to friends. fear you may get angry. but she cant c you angry or her husband.

K: You cant judge them cuz they want to c all happy. all happy. probably not jus to hurt u in a way she has stopped talkin. all girls have to keep their desire off their real lives. and they do with smiles inside and heart burinin but will neva tell anyone.

K: dont mistake her anoop. She will neva tell u.she will only smile. you will feel hurt anyway but don mistake her. she cant c u unhappy...neva shout at her anytime. probably your one smile may make her forget all her worries. and ur frnship will make her feel comfortable. neva get angry on her.

Me: Hey, i was about to write the second part of that blog. khe khe khe...

K: write part 2 in such a way tat when she reads it, she mite feel that she still has that shoulder to lie when she is in need. and she has not lost her best friend. niether those moments.
This blog is just to let her (my best friend and NOT 'The K' mentioned :P) know (if she eva happens to read this) that i m not angry with her n my prayers r stil with her. i would definitely think my wife should be dependent on me n not on her friends, best friends wateva. m selfish at heart n so i think the other way. u don bother OK? live life king size! Love u...


Nethra said...

blah blah blaaahh...!!!
You have a very good friend :)

Anoop said...

Hmmm...thaks nethra for droppin by..


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